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Best Practices When Selecting a Domain Name for Your Business.

September 24, 2020

Remember we once made you see enough reasons why you need a website for your business, right? If you are reading this article we’ll only believe that you have made up your mind to create your website. However, you must make some crucial decisions like knowing the goal of your website, selecting a domain name and hosting platform, amongst others. Just in case you aren’t sure what a domain name is, keep reading.

A domain name makes the internet feel more like a sane space. Rather than using a combination of several numbers to access websites, domain names allow you to visit those same sites with ‘easy-to-remember’ names. Rather than typing ‘123.444.5.6’ into your browser’s address bar, with a domain name you can easily type www.olawuyi.com.ng. It makes all the sense. Bearing in mind these best practices, selecting a domain name for your business should be a lot easier. Let’s dive in already, shall we?


When it comes to your brand every single activity you do must be intentional i.e. well-thought-out. If you already have an established business offline it will make a lot of sense to use your brand’s name as your domain name or a part of it. We believe you took out time think thoroughly about your brand’s name before launching. If you are just kickstarting your business you’ll want to think about your brand name and engage in in-depth research. Your name must be simple just as discussed in the next best practice mentioned. You might craft the most suitable and creative brand name but find out that that domain name isn’t available. This means that while you brainstorm on your brand name you must check properly to be sure that such a name is available and doesn’t resemble the name of your competitor.  

The research aspect of selecting a domain name for your business can get so easy by carrying out a manual Google search or using tools like Domain WheelDream Host’s Domain tool, or check your options on any domain registrar’s website of your choice.

Keep it Simple

You should select a domain name that is simple in every sense. Simple enough for your customers to easily recognise and engage with. Shorter domain names of not less than two words are a great fit. When we talk about a simple domain name, we refer to one that is memorable, unique, easy to pronounce, spell, and still captures or respresents your brand properly.

Use Keywords

For SEO and ranking purposes you need to consider selecting a domain name based on what you’ll love to rank for when users search for you. In fewer words we are trying to say that you must identity words you’ll love people to associate with your brand before choosing your brand or domain name. Your keyword must absolutely represent your brand.

Carefully Select Your Top-Level Domain (TLD)

Top-level domain names are the extension or suffix you find behind a domain name. For example www.olawuyi.com.ng. Some really popular top-level domain are gov – Government agencies ‘.edu’ used by educational institutions, ‘.org’ used by mostly non-profit organisations, ‘.com’ used by commercial businesses, ‘.net’ used by network organisations etc. When selecting your TLD choose which suits the nature of your business best. However, ‘.com’ which is used for commercial businesses is the most popular and probably the easiest to remember. In fact, most internet users who aren’t sure of a brand’s TLD initially experiment with ‘.com’ till they get it right or give up.

Purchase Your Domain Name 

After abiding by all the best practices we’ve listed we believe that you are now ready to purchase your domain name. If you do not want to get into the processes involved you can get your Web Developer to help out with it. Ensure you buy from only trusted domain name registrars whose policies, terms, and standards are top-notch. Be aware that you don’t have to get your hosting and domain name from the same company. You can simply connect them afterwards. 

Purchase Domain Name Variations

If you intend to go big and avoid domain name disputes, getting all or very similar variations of your domain name is a brilliant idea. This helps you take really ownership of your name and stops from competitors or evil people from clowning your website and taking charge of everything. Although this might seem expensive but it keeps you safe from those who want to play smart or outperform your business. It is also not as expensive as losing everything you have to the wrong hands.

After selecting your domain name you should ask yourself if it is a number of questions like Can I easily brand this name? Can every and anyone pronounce and spell this name? Are there any funny characters within it that could get people confused? Is the domain name available? The answers to these questions will help you determine if you are making the right selection. If this article is helpful don’t forget to share with your community and other business owners who will find it helpful.

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